Yogurt City Bubble Tea

It was like walking into a bag of skittles. Neon lights flickered above the red wave decor hanging from the ceiling. Red high top swivel seats were warmed by the sun. An orange sofa lined the wall with white round tables and orange swivel chairs.

Yogurt City is a fairly new addition to the Loehmann's Plaza Shopping Center on Virginia Beach Boulevard. My affair with bubble, or boba, tea began in middle school when my mother handed me a beverage with a hefty colorful straw. I accepted, enamored by its playful seal and tapioca pearls anchored in a milky tea. We met again when my sweet attended Virginia Tech. Their University Mall essentially housed a Mac computer lab, a VT bookstore, CVS and this heavenly crepe and bubble tea joint. Their concoctions were like no other, and I'd been on the hunt for anything that comes close to its magnificence now that we've moved back to our hometown.

Incredible Desserts

Boba is a slightly sweet, chewy and larger version of the tapioca found at the bottom of a creamy pudding. These are typically placed in the bottom of the cup, the powdered tea is added to milk, then shaken with ice. There has to be a mutual agreement between the milk and tea. The mixture has to be milky, but not overly that you can't navigate the tea flavor. The “bubbles” have to be tender but won't become a nuisance for your teeth. At other places the bubbles have been delivered tough and inedible, but Yogurt City far exceeded my bubble tea-yearning taste buds.

I've tried three other local restaurants who have bubble tea, but none have come close to what I'we found at Yogurt City. Their title celebrates their yo-shakes, froyo and smoothies, but I'm here to boast about their bubble tea. Yogurt City’s bubble tea met all of my requirements: milky, a balanced spotlight on the flavored tea and perfectly tender boba. Though it’s often a toss-up with matcha (green tea powder), I favor taro, a root-based plant emitting a nuttiness that reminds me of almonds. They also have green tea, original, Thai, jasmine tea, mango, papaya, peach, vanilla, avocado, banana, blueberry, green apple, strawberry, chocolate, pineapple, honeydew and watermelon.

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Taro bubble tea in hand, I relished in my snow day, being reminded of my youth as their rainbow-studded decor and meringue-like lights emitted neon above the seats. The Backstreet Boys belted out of Yogurt City’s speakers, and I dreamt of when I would get to return…hopefully on a weekly basis.

Visit their Facebook page for more information about my new local favorite.


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