Year in Review: Our 10 Most Popular Online Stories of 2016

Before we celebrate and raise a glass to the beginning of the new year, we’re reviewing some highlights from the year we’re leaving behind. Here’s a look at the top 10 most popular online stories from Coastal Virginia Magazine in 2016:

Ten Top Teachers in Hampton Roads

We recognized the annual top teachers in Coastal Virginia that have made such a great impact through their educational leadership with young students. Thousands of heartfelt votes were casted by students, parents and fellow teachers in the area to help determine the standout educators that help shape the aspiring minds of the future. Look for our 2017 Top Teacher results in our March/April issue.


25 Hidden Gems in Coastal Virginia

Tacos and martini deals with a cult following, a street where the lights shine the brightest for Christmas and an SPCA petting zoo with an alpaca trio. We exposed some of the lesser-known things of our area.


Frank Lloyd Wright Beach House

Thinking outside of the box, the Virginia Beach abode was designed by the premier 20th century architect Frank Lloyd Wright. With creative curves and narrow nooks, the living landmark blends in with the natural forested environment alongside the water. It’s a tour of a local dwelling as developed by a visionary mastermind. Editor’s note: Since the publishing of this article in the April 2016 issue, the Frank Lloyd Wright beach home has sold for $2.2 million.


Living Little

Shedding excess, the Little Red House on the Eastern Shore is meant for simple living. It’s decorated with creative furnishings that make use of every square foot. It’s also a quaint getaway spot for those looking to leave the city.


Little England Plantation

The Georgian house has halls that have hosted some prominent events in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. If walls could talk, they’d speak of the miraculous remodeling the plantation underwent to restore its glory.


16-Year-Old Swimmer to Represent Virginia Beach’s TIDE Team in Olympic Trials

Phenom swimmer Callie Dickinson represented Virginia Beach’s TIDE Swim Team at the Olympic trials in Omaha, Nebraska over the summer. It takes a dedicated mindset to be a successful high school swimmer competing for the Olympics, balancing practice, training and homework, too.


Middle Ground Lighthouse

The Gonsoulin’s summer home isn’t your ordinary cottage or beach house. After many renovations and lots of helping hands, their family has beautifully restored the Middle Ground Lighthouse. Take a look inside to discover this dream home completely surrounded by water.


Eastern Shore Artisan Trail

Follow the eco-tourism trail, and you’ll find galleries, wineries, artisan potters, farmers who dye sheep wool and undisturbed waterways. Running along Route 13, the network of trails takes you right through the region and introduces you to charming communities.


13th Annual Platinum Plate Awards

Here are some of the best restaurants Coastal Virginia has to offer, covering the chefs and their culinary talents as awarded by those with an affinity to dine at its finest. We share our tastes and places with dishes of different flairs and flavors.


Top Docs of Coastal Virginia 2016

From the birth of a new baby, to emergency visits for bumps, bruises or broken bones, to getting that suspicious mole checked out, to determining whether you need that hip or knee replacement—and everything between and beyond—it’s important to know that you’re in good hands. That’s why we coordinate our annual Top Docs survey, presenting the most devoted physicians in 53 medical specialties, as determined by their peers. This year’s special focus was cancer, and we profiled six top doctors in five specialties who shared inspirations for getting into their chosen fields, the passions that keep them going and the ways they’re making a difference.

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