What Not To Forget Post Wedding

After a wedding, newlyweds feel as if they are on cloud nine surrounded by nothing but love in the air. Because they are so caught up in the moment, newly married couples tend to forget about some minor but crucial tasks during this crazy, exciting new chapter of their lives. Here are some advice and tips to consider after marriage so that you can continue to have a healthy relationship with not only your spouse but also with your friends, family and, most importantly, yourself.

Thank you Notes

thank you notes.

After your wedding, don’t forget to send out your appreciation! Sending out thank you notes to your family and friends will not only let the receiver know how grateful you are for their gifts and company on your special day; it will give them peace of mind that their gift made its way to you.

Continue to exercise/eat healthy

healthy couple

Many couples eat right and stay in shape months before their wedding so that they can fit perfectly into their dress or suit, but once the big day passes, they tend to drop those healthy habits. Avoid the “newlywed nine” and maintain your healthy diet and workout routine after the marriage. By doing so, you continue to keep yourself happy and confident for you and your spouse.

Keep in touch with family and friends

phone call

Now that you’ve got a partner for life, don’t let your relationship with your loved ones fall to the wayside. Make sure to give your friends and family a call every so often because friendship, just like a marriage, requires a two way street.

Allow each other to spend quality time with friends

girls night

Just because you are newly married doesn’t mean you can’t have a little time to have a girls’/guys’ night out. Every so often, take some time to hang out with your friends, whether it’s cozying up with a glass of wine and a movie or dressing up and hitting the town!

Fight fairly

couple talking

Now that you are married, there will be many important decisions to make throughout your lives together. Make sure that you take the time to talk with your spouse, being both considerate and understanding. By doing so, those important decisions you have to make won’t be such a stressful task.

Don’t forget about the romance.

date night

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean it’s time to stop trying. Stay spontaneous, make an effort to go on date nights, and don’t forget to show or tell your partner how much you still love them.

Don’t rush into the next big step


Your friends are buying houses and having babies; time for you to catch up, right? Wrong! Don’t hop on the bandwagon until you’re both certain that you’re ready for the next steps—even when feeling pressure from friends and family. Instead, take your time and relish these special moments that you and your spouse can share, just the two of you.

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