Wedding Trend: Lush Lighting

How Illuminating the Space Can Create Any Mood
Lighting Featured

Among the many details of a wedding, lighting can be an underrated element. How you decide to illuminate your big day can make even the smallest touches shine and set the mood for your ceremony and reception.

Get a touch of twinkle by hanging fairy lights overhead to create a warm glow and romantic starry night scene. When lighting a rustic setting, choose exposed lightbulbs or Edison lights—a trendy lighting option that offers a vintage or contemporary feel. Rows of lanterns produce soft lighting that add a dynamic shape to the room or outdoor space.

Oversized illuminated letters are not only functional lighting but provide a fun backdrop for photos, spelling out the bride and groom’s initials or last name. While retro, a shimmering disco ball could be the perfect centerpiece to keep guests on the dance floor until the end of the night.

Changing the color of light bulbs can create a desired ambiance. Whether you want dim lighting for cocktails, large, vibrant lights for dinner or more colorful uplighting to add personality to a simple space, the intensity and hue of the lighting can completely change the feel of a room.

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