Wedding Technology Fails

technology at weddings

With technology playing such a huge part in everyday life, couples must decide how much technology should be allowed at their wedding. Whether you go high tech all the way or opt for an unplugged option, it’s a wedding topic that must be discussed.

Before you decide, take a look at the ways being online can be a real turnoff.

  1. When a bride or groom checks their phone excessively on their own wedding day. You’ll get a chance to respond to that text and check out those photos of you walking down the aisle—at a later time. Focus on the people who are there with you in the moment: specifically your new spouse.
  2. When a bridesmaid posts a picture of the bride before she walks down the aisle, spoiling it for guests and for the groom.
  3. When a bride walks down the aisle and is greeted with a sea of phones and tablets rather than guests’ faces.
  4. When guests get in the way of the photographers’ shots by holding their phones or gigantic tablets up high, kneeling in the middle of the aisle or ruining the lighting with their excessively bright flash.
  5. When a guests’ cell phone rings during the vows—yep, it still happens.

Read tips for deciding whether to go high tech or no tech with your wedding.

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