Virginia Governor Fast Tracks Commonwealth's Energy-Saving plan

Hey Virginians, it’s about time to mellow out a bit. Gov. Terry McAuliffe says we are using way too much energy, and he’s on a mission to fast track the commonwealth’s energy plan. In May 2015 the governor announced a new goal to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent by 2020—two years earlier than the previous target published in 2014’s Virginia Energy Plan.

We say, thank goodness. According to the most recent figures by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Virginia ranks 35th in efficiency measures and policies in the country. McAuliffe appointed 12 people from the public and private sectors to an Executive Committee on Energy Efficiency.

In October he announced the establishment of the Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority to facilitate, coordinate and support the development of the solar energy industry and solar-powered electric energy facilities in the commonwealth. This initiative came a few weeks after the state issued the final permit for a huge solar energy project in Accomack County—the first of its kind in Virginia.

For simple tips on what you can do in your own home and at work to reduce energy consumption—only turning on lights you need, replacing furnace filters monthly, etc.—visit Make sure to sign up for the 10% Challenge and pledge your commitment to helping Virginia meet its goals.  

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