Virginia Beach Restaurant Week Edition: Eat


Eat’s menu instructed me to eat little, green, in between, big or on the side. While I was about to be won by their commands, I remembered why I was there in the first place: Virginia Beach Restaurant Week.

This oceanfront bistro is tucked away on Atlantic Ave., sandwiched among hotels, but its chartreuse illuminated sign is hard to miss. The contemporary area is cozy and intimate with a blanket of instrumental tunes echoing in the background and dangling light fixtures framing the room. My friend and I met for dinner before the rush, ready to eat our way through the menu.

Without even thinking we both ordered our own helping of Oysters Kirkpatrick. They were tender, juicy, cheesy, bacon-y morsels resting on a mass of salt. They were perfection and quite possibly the best oysters I've had.

oysters in Virginia Beach

I’d been craving a brothy meal and landed on the VA Boardwalk Cioppino with Chesapeake Bay Rockfish. My rockfish was butter. It melted in my mouth and was set afire by a spicy, though sweet, peppery relish on top. The red, earthy broth spoke volumes of flavor. The fish bathed in a complex fennel broth with squid, baby octopus, crab meat and mussels. If I would’ve had the dish without the rockfish and relish I would have been equally happy. My entrée sat in an asymmetrical white bowl while fennel fronds garnished the dish in this playful approach to eating.

seafood at the Oceanfront Bistro

My friend’s Deconstructed Tenderloin Tip Shepherd’s Pie almost had me second guessing. The dish was highlighted by these unforgettable creamy potato mounds. They had a perfectly rounded shape, but the middle overflowed with a cheesy potato mixture I’d never met. Even the roasted carrots spoke for themselves, and I don't often brag on carrots.

My dessert was like three black sushi-shaped keys set on a rectangular white dish painted with a single stroke of chocolate. The Double Chocolate Bouchons were like mini molten lava cakes. They were at the moistest point they could reach without losing its shape. A white custard-like sauce with an eye of dark chocolate filled the center. Blueberries and strawberries were tossed between the keys.

Double Chocolate Dessert

My friend ordered the White Chocolate Blondie for her sweet finale. Ice cream melted down its rigged crust and blueberries crumbled out of this dense dessert, while the rum caramel sauce bordered the plate. Though blondies aren’t my go-to dessert, the temperature combinations of the warm, salty sauce and ice cream overtop might have been enough to change my mind for good.

I was sad that my trip to Eat was over. This cozy bistro explored food in a playful manner that is evident in flavor and presentation. Eat certainly isn't afraid to break the rules.

Virginia Beach Restaurant Week celebrates the area’s most delectable restaurants serving prix fixe lunch and dinner menus, depending on the location. For a list of participating restaurants click here

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