Trick or Treating Tips for Dogs

trick or treat for dogs

Happy Halloween!

Are you heading out for Trick or Treating tonight? We always go with my niece and nephews and of course, Chuy comes too!

Trick or Treating is not something that all dogs are comfortable with, so I want to share a few tips with you in case you were thinking about taking your dog along:

1. Your dog needs to be socialized and comfortable in a setting with weird noises, lights, kids, and possibly other animals. If not, please keep them at home!

2. If you are taking kids and a dog, there should be at least one adult that can tend to the dog without any distractions.

3. Don’t leave the house without water and a few treats! Even in the chilly weather, dogs need to stay hydrated.

4. Do NOT let your dog eat any of the candy! Especially chocolate which can be deadly to dogs. The “leave it” command is so important for times like this!

5. Only put a costume on your dog if they are comfortable and don’t mind wearing it.

6. Ensure that your dog is wearing updated identification tags.

7. Always be aware of your surroundings! Especially on Halloween when anything can jump out of the bushes!

8. A reflective or LED leash is nice to have when walking on Halloween. We have a light up bone that goes on Chuy’s harness for night time walks.

9. Always clean up after your dog. Enough said!

10. This is so important I’m mentioning it again. NO CHOCOLATE! Keep it out of reach from your pets!

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