Town Center Cold Pressed Expands with Roastery

Town Center Cold Pressed

Don’t head to the new Town Center Cold Pressed on Ghent’s 21st Street for your morning juice or java; it doesn’t open until 5 p.m. That might come as a head-scratcher for frequenters of its other three cafes. But if you look closer at the sign, you’ll see the initials TCCPR. “R” is for roastery. Coffee bean roasting for all its locations and wholesalers is now done here, and this hip lounge with dark chocolate leather couches and a stylized bar is a splashy intro for TCCP’s coffee foray.

Town Center Cold Pressed Roastery on 21st Street coffee beans

“It’s a brew bar and lounge, an intersection of coffee, cocktails and nosh plates,” says Brenda Jolly, who brings to the ownership team roasting prowess (she co-founded erstwhile Jolly Roasters Coffee Co.). Here, executive chef Michael Holdcraft moves beyond bowls and sandwiches to shareables like rock melon shrimp, tuna rioja and roasted fennel meatballs. And with curated cocktails such as Irish Cold Fashion (Irish coffee meets old-fashioned), you’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler cocktail lair.

717 W. 21st St., Norfolk.

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