Top 5 Spring Wedding Trends

The weather is perfect, flowers are in full bloom, and love is in the air. These reasons alone make spring the perfect time to get married, and if you're planning a spring wedding, your day is just around the corner! Before the time arrives, check out our top five trends for spring weddings this year!

Mint and Blush

Last year's top wedding color was mint, and the popular shade isn't going anywhere. Blush is another widely used color for 2014. Both are perfectly suited for spring, and they just happen to look dreamy when paired together.

Lighten Up

Grooms, it's time to ditch the black duds and go with something that sings the name of spring. Think lighter shades and textures like this stunning seersucker suit! Image from T&H Photography.

Bring on the clouds

You've heard the sayings. April showers bring May flowers. Rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good luck. Still, brides grow leery the second they see a cloud in the sky–until now. This year, brides are embracing the "bad" weather by wearing adorable rainboots underneath their dresses and decorating with cute umbrellas.

Itty Bitty Bakes

Everyone loves having a piece of cake, but there's something undeniably adorable about having a beautifully decorated, personally-sized bite. Serve a variety of cake pops to let your guests fix that sweet tooth craving in such a cute way.

Gorgeous gardens

The best spot to hold a spring wedding this year is indeed in the midst of a beautiful, blooming garden. There's no need to buy a lot of extra decor because of Mother Nature's pristine backdrop, and your guests will be welcomed with the inviting scent of fresh blooms.

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