Three Easy Home Organization Ideas from the Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House

Photos by Glenn Fajota Photography

The Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House, built by Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods, is full of great decor and organization ideas for everyone in the family. Check out how to make these simple “mini craft” ideas that can make a big difference in any home.

Beauty Storage Bins

coastal virginia magazine idea house beauty storage bins

Materials: Small metal bins, chalkboard paper, chalk markers, scissors and glue.

1. Cut your chalkboard paper to fit the size and shape of your bin. Get creative with fun shapes that fit your style.

2. With careful handwriting, use your chalk marker to write your message on the paper. It will be easier to do this before gluing the paper to the bin. In the Idea House, the bins say things like “hair stuff” and “nail stuff,” but write what fits your lifestyle. Some ideas are “makeup,” “skin care,” “hair care” and “hair accessories.”

3. Affix your paper onto the bin. Stay away from hot glue, which could leave a bumpy texture underneath the paper. Instead use white glue that dries clear, like Elmer’s, Mod Podge or Aleene's Tacky Glue. Using a paintbrush, brush your glue onto the back of you paper for a smooth finish and center the paper onto your bin.

4. Once your glue is dry, you can hang your bins from a wall, as seen in the Idea House, or you can set them on a shelf in your bathroom.


Sock “Lost and Found”

sock lost and found

Materials: Wooden board (craft stores often have selections of wood cutouts that are perfect for this craft), white paint, clothespins, chalkboard paper, chalk markers, sandpaper, scissors and glue.

1. Paint one coat of white paint on your wooden board. Once that layer dries, sand the board (paint can often raise the grain of the wood) then paint a second coat.

2. While the paint dries, measure and cut out the desired shape and size of the chalkboard paper for your “lost and found” heading. For a fancier look, try tracing the desired shape on the back of your paper and then cut.

3. With your chalk marker, write “lost and found” on your chalkboard paper.

4. Once the paint is dry, glue your “lost and found” heading onto the board. Brush your glue on the back of your paper for a smooth finish and center onto the wood.

5. Arrange the spacing of your clothespins on the board. You may want to use a ruler and pencil for this. Now glue one edge of your clothespins onto the board. You can use hot glue for this, but be careful about glue strings and drippings.

6. You can hang your “lost and found” board in your laundry room, or just lean it against a wall!


Kitchen Meal Planning Calendar

coastal virginia magazine idea house kitchen meal planning calendar

Materials: Chalkboard paper, chalk markers, chalk, scissors and adhesive putty or Command decorating clips.

1. Cut out seven sheets of chalkboard paper in the same size and shape to fit your kitchen or pantry.

2. Use your chalk markers to write out Sunday through Saturday. Make sure to leave enough space to write in your meals and try using a different handwriting style for your weekday headings.

3. So you don’t damage your wall, try hanging your chalkboard calendar with a removable adhesive putty or Command product.

4. Using regular chalk, schedule your meals for the week!

For more ideas from the Coastal Virginia Magazine Idea House, take the video tour.

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