The Real Famous Uncle Al

His name is ubiquitous with the frankfurter around here, but who knew there really is a Famous Uncle Al?

Alan Stein is the Weenie Man, and he’s in his 31st year of dishing up dogs. The New York native still works occasionally in his original store on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach and indulges himself from time-to-time. How does he like them? A simple smear of mustard and a sprinkling of chopped onion.

He got his moniker years ago at his niece’s wedding when he introduced himself to guests by saying, “I’m the Famous Uncle Al.” The name stuck.

Of note: Americans will eat 818 hot dogs every second of every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day this year, says the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council.

The original Famous Uncle Al’s is at 3045 Shore Dr., Virginia Beach. Call 757-481-2718.

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