The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Sweet Potato Waffle

Remnants of the holiday season lingered as white lights and garlands of pine strung along the turquoise and camel walls. The New Years excitement filled the evening, complementing the guests' sparkles and frills that flooded this romantic Cuban spot.

As expected, we joined a half hour waiting list, but we didn’t mind camping parallel the gorgeous bar, strawberry champagne mojitos in hand. Though this was my third visit to locals spot Havana, I've never had the stomach to end with dessert because I've a little more than indulged in their infamous nachos. They're chock-full of black beans, chicken, scallions and sour cream, among a laundry list of toppings. Once seated, we ordered the nachos without hesitation, then the tuna sashimi; both were scrumptious. The sashimi was decorated with strokes of sriracha and wasabi. A seaweed salad soothed its spicy demeanor.

I didn't overstuff myself and perused the dessert menu before I landed on sweet potato waffles. Sweet potatoes have my heart in and of themselves, and the fact that they were partnered with maple bacon ice cream just soared over any dessert dream I could fathom.

The maple bacon ice cream was sandwiched between a fluffy waffle duo. The sweet potato essence was subtle, lingering only for a moment, but its creamy counterpart blew me away. It was velvety, salty. The caramel sauce shared in the dessert's overall savoriness, further prolonging the salty-sweet gesture of the maple bacon. After the maple bacon took its course, the powdered sugar brought it back home. It was the imagined ending to my visit to Havana.

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