The Best Thing I Ate This Week: Dossants

Greeted with the toasted aroma of baked goods and the particular chatter that only reigns from leisurely Sunday afternoons, La Dolce Vita wrapped me in a cozy state that I was reluctant to escape. I've visited this charming European-inspierd café many times before, often reaching for a lavender latte or a cream puff for a midweek pick me up. But I'd never had the luck of indulging in the flaky, gooey centered dossants (pronounced doe-saunts). Sunday meant dossants. These luscious treats have quite the following, which is why I’ve only just now tried them. They're only baked on Sundays and once they run out, typically in the first couple hours of the day, they're nonexistent until the following Sunday. They can be preordered, too, and are often ordered in bulk, sustaining customers and their dossant cravings for the week. Finally able to catch up to the hype, I promptly ordered an eggnog custard dossant upon arrival.

Like most sugary morning treats, they are quick to teeter the line between breakfast and dessert. I carefully peeled a layer from the dossant, taking keen notice of each element. Appropriately named, it was a donut and croissant's love child. The outer layer captured the crispy essence that hails from a donut, but the soft, buttery center and flakiness of a croissant surrounded each delicate bite. The eggnog custard, pale as the café’s yellow walls, was subtle, adding an inkling of spice, yet providing a pillow for my crunch to land. If I didn’t have you at eggnog custard, a generous tier of icing and sugar topped the already flawless dessert, which is best served warm.

Dossants are simply one of the delectable dozens of homemade desserts that are produced in house. I can speak for their chocolate croissants, Sicilian cannolis and macarons….just to name a few. When La Dolce Vita isn't easing my sweet tooth, they have a swoon-worthy menu of sandwiches, chopped salads and obscure meat/cheese boards. Wash your meal down with espresso, French-imported tea or wine, but always finish with a dessert—or two.

Visit their Facebook page for store hours, current dossant flavors and seasonal updates.

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