Tattoo is a Diverse Performance and Moving Tribute to Military Families

One word came to mind for me as I at back and observed the artists, musicians and other gifted performers dazzle a mesmerized audience at the Scope Arena last night: unity. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by men and women who serve their nations all over the world, coming together to share their love of country, family and one another with an audience. Each country’s military branches bring with them a unique cultural perspective, extraordinary talent and an enthusiasm for their brothers and sisters in uniform that is nothing short of contagious for the attendees of the Virginia International Tattoo.

With acts like the Massed Bands and Chorus rendition of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years and the high-spirited performance of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk by the US Air Force Heritage of America Band, the Tattoo offers far more than the traditional band fanfare a first-time attendee might expect.

It’s not just a musical performance, either. Prepare for an exciting display of athleticism with the obstacle course challenge between the US Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team and the US Marine Corps Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team. Hold your breath as the US Army Drill Team completes the amazing “Front-to-Rear Overhead Rifle Toss” during their beautiful display of discipline and skill. And look forward to a humorous performance by the Royal Danish Navy Band and its seemingly unruly group of band members.

Whatever your preconceived ideas of the Virginia International Tattoo may be, let go of them entirely and allow yourself to be swept up in this exciting and very moving show. With the accompaniment of slideshows honoring military families, as well as the presence of so many service men and women and their families—in the performance and in the audience—the Tattoo is a true salute to the military community in our area and around the world. It’s a tribute to these individuals as well as a humbling reminder to all of us that our freedom comes with a price tag that these brave men and women pay for us each and everyday.

There are three more opportunities to experience the Virginia International Tattoo this weekend. Don’t miss out on this exceptional performance! Get your tickets at or call (877) 741-2787. 

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