Super Bowl Party Recipes

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Game day is upon on us, and I’ve got one thing on my mind: the food. 

While I know that the Super Bowl is a big deal, what keeps this gal happy during the big game is a bodacious snack spread. 

Gourmet finger foods are exactly what you need to take it up a notch for optimal snacking next week. Here’s a little rundown of football party snacks that are more than your average bag o’ chips:

cova bay bites super bowl recipes cheese and charcuterie board

The Cheese and Charcuterie Board
Sometimes you’ve just got to upgrade your cheese and meat board to take your Super Bowl party to the next level. I listed every item purchased down to the brand of crackers. Most importantly, use what you have on hand and fill in the gaps so you don’t have to break the bank. 

cova bay bites super bowl recipe bacon bleu crab dip

Bacon Bleu-Crab Dip
What’s not to love about every ingredient in this dip? The bacon adds crunchy tidbits to the feathery lump crab meat. When bleu cheese and cream cheese make friends, every ingredient comes together for one unforgettable appetizer. A very serious tip: You may want to triple, maybe quadruple, this recipe.

cova bay bites super bowl recipes guacamole

If anyone knows me, they know I can get a little greedy with my guac. This one is no exception, so you may want to take the tip from the crab dip as well.

cova bay bites super bowl recipes sweet potato hummus

Sweet Potato Hummus
Who doesn’t love a good ol’ hummus? This is certainly a healthier—and vegetarian-friendly—option from the bunch offering sweet potatoes combined with a little spice and chickpeas, of course. While I’m certainly guilty of showing up with a store bought hummus tray and pre-cut veggies, I can attest this homemade hummus hardly takes any time at all to prepare. With the help of your food processor or blender, you’ll have delicious hummus with the click of a button. 

cova bay bites super bowl recipes spicy house smoked bbq wings

Spicy House-Smoked BBQ Wings
Alright, so wings are pretty predictable, but these use a combination of local barbecue sauces to make one tasty result. Don’t have a smoker? Neither do I. In this post I fill you in on transforming your grill into a smoker to make these mouthwatering wings.

cova bay bites super bowl recipes build your own nacho bar

Build-Your-Own Nacho Bar
Everyone loves toppings! A nacho bar is both inexpensive and a perfect pairing for your brews. In this post, I served it at one of my monthly beer club meetings, but a nacho bar will be certainly welcomed in your Super Bowl soirées.

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