Studio 17

Virginia Beach’s STUDIO 17 recently announced the completion of a hand-painted building mural, the first new mural in the Virginia Beach Arts District. Troy Summerell, creator of OnieTonie™ Co. Designs and founder of STUDIO 17, spent a month on the design, an enlarged version of an original OnieTonie™ design, which focus on bold colors and black outlines.

Summerell says his motivation for this mural was not only to promote OnieTonie™ and STUDIO 17, but to put a positive stamp on the street, the neighborhood and the Virginia Beach Arts District. “I’m really thankful I had the opportunity to put a 90-foot painting in my hometown,” says Summerell. “I hope this motivates other people and businesses to put more art in this part of town. “

STUDIO 17, located at 536 Virginia Beach Blvd., is a collaborative working studio of four local artists and artisans. 

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