Simple Sweet Potato Biscuits

Cravings just sneak up on you sometimes, and it was one of those mornings. I woke up and wanted to make biscuits, sweet potato specifically. Perhaps it was the overwhelmingly large bag of sweet potatoes taunting me in my kitchen, but its wealth sparked a whole new love for this root vegetable.

biscuit prep

For some reason I haven't thought of making these on my own. Maybe it's the fuzzy feelings I get when it's served to me with its perfect balance of fluffiness and crispiness all at once, and maybe I wanted to keep it that way. That was all until I found the solution—make my favorite biscuits and top them with my favorite eggs. Though I’d never made biscuits before, I sure knew how they should taste. I stumbled across this recipe from How Sweet It Is.

sweet potato flavor

These were so surprisingly no-fuss and quick to make that I made a second batch the same day. I didn’t have a special biscuit cutter, so I just rolled the dough in my hands and flattened. I also opted for whole wheat flour the second go-around to make them a smidge healthier. They were crumbly, yet wonderfully moist and pillowy. At first, the biscuits were a bit of a surprise. I was upset by the lack of sweetness, but thankfully the recipe had my second reaction in mind: versatility. This biscuit can go sweet or savory. They could be buttered then sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar or sandwich a poached egg and sliver of bacon.


I opted for one of my favorite breakfast rituals: poaching eggs. Tis a true art to perfectly poach an egg. It took me a few trials involving broken yolks, murky water and practically nonexistent whites. Once you've mastered poaching, you may even be able to poach two at once.

Maybe poached eggs aren’t your thing. In that case, a fried egg will suffice for this genius twist on a breakfast sandwich, kicked up a sweet notch.

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