Second Amendment Showdown

We decided to hop on The Tide to talk with a few citizens about one timely topic affecting our area per issue. Here’s what light rail riders had to say about changing the gun laws.

Do you believe that changing the gun laws will help to reduce mass shootings in public schools?

Victoria Solak, 27, Coast Guard, Norfolk“I think changing the laws can’t hurt—like more restrictions that limit what kinds of guns you can have and more effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. As a mother, I think gun safety starts at home. We have to teach children about gun safety. We also have to improve school security.”
––Victoria Solak, 27, Coast Guard, Norfolk

Esther Hughes, 60, retired, Virginia Beach“No. people are still going to be able to obtain guns illegally whether or not laws are changed.”
––Esther Hughes, 60, retired, Virginia Beach

Dylan Jones, 22, student, Norfolk“Certainly not. The people who buy a firearm legally and register it aren’t the kind of people who are shooting up schools. If someone is crazy and wants to shoot up a school, they’re not going to follow the law; they’ll get their guns illegally. The focus should instead be on cracking down on illegal firearms and keeping legal ones out of the hands of criminals. States need to be doing their part to report felons or people with mental health issues who shouldn’t be allowed to obtain firearms.”
––Dylan Jones, 22, student, Norfolk

Deborah Freeman, 59, CNA Medical Technician, Virginia Beach“I think what needs to change is security in schools. People wouldn’t be walking into schools with guns if they had to go through metal detectors and security.”
––Deborah Freeman, 59, CNA Medical Technician, Virginia Beach

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