Schwinn: The Biking Game

Schwinn has been constructing some of the greatest and memorable bikes for more than 100 years. Now the popular peddling company has cruised into a new industry of products: a board game. It’s called The Biking Game, and players can look forward to learning all about Schwinn bikes, bike safety and the different parts of the bike. The game is allotted in levels to encourage that all participate and ensure that it will be enjoyable regardless of your level of expertise. The game encourages individuals to remember their fondest memories on a bike and be inspired to go out and make more with the whole family.

The Biking Game is guaranteed to be a family game day favorite! It is infused with knowledge that some may already know as well as knowledge that you’ll have fun learning together. The game requires two to eight players. Even if your knowledge on bicycles is lacking, there’s no need to fear; the game is made intentionally to help you along the way entirely, and even the most bike savvy person could be sent back to the Schwinn Bike Shop.

The object of the game is to get home from the parking lot, which is the same area on the game board. On the route home, you will have to travel around the woods, past the Bike Shop, through the park, over a couple bridges, and if you are lucky, you will be able to ride through the shortcut to get home faster. The shortcut is definitely an earned privilege.

Along the route, there are tips on the game board that are for safety in the areas where the tip lies. It is important to pay attention to these tips because they will be helpful when putting what you learn to the test. For example, prior to entering “City Limits” the tip reads, “Ride with traffic.”

This game is entertaining from beginning to end. When picking pieces, you’ll notice that they are Schwinn bikes from current years and classics from the past. Each bike has a spot at the Start section, and before you start, you will decide what level you would like to compete from one to four, one being beginner and four being advanced.

There is no need to fight over who is going first because it is the youngest player, and then play continues clockwise. There is a die that will be rolled to move along the board with alternating yellow and red circles. If you land on the red circle, nothing happens. When landing on the yellow circle, there are question cards with four different questions. The four different questions signify the four different levels so another player will read the question at the difficulty level than the player answering the question chose.

The answers are revealed using the answer decoder. If the player answers the question correctly, that player is allowed to roll again. If answered incorrectly, the player’s turn is over.

On select question cards there is a logo that reads “Off Road Tires” which is granted to the player only if the question is answered correctly. With this card, the player is granted the opportunity to use the shortcut when they make it to that side of the route. This card can be passed around throughout the game when other players answer those specified questions correctly. Another spot on the board is “Go-To Schwinn Bike Shop” in which you are instructed to pull a “Fun Facts” card to share with everyone. Sometimes this card will ask you to share a bike story, triggering great wheeled memories. The first player to make it home wins, and it is optional for the remaining competitors to keep the game going.

The Biking Game is likely to send the whole family on a joyful tangent about the good ole days and possibly get you encouraged to want to get back into the habit. It is a great game for the whole family because it is fun and educational. There is a lot to learn and share. It can be found on and would make a great gift this holiday season, so get rolling! 

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