Resolve to Help Local Shelter Pets in 2015

Happy New Year! Have you made any resolutions or new goals for yourself? One of my goals with pet blogging is to raise awareness to help shelter and rescue pets in need. Did you know that just the simple act of liking or sharing a post on Facebook can save a pet’s life? Social media is a powerful tool that has connected many rescue organizations with potential adopters, fosters, and donors they would not have reached back in the dial up days! 

There are a ton of local animal shelters and rescues in the Coastal Virginia area. As one person we can’t help them all but we can help some. I have some tips over at Irresistible Pets on how you can use Facebook to help shelter pets in need.

Let us know in the comments what you are doing in 2015 to help local pets and what you’d like to see more of on Paw Prints! 

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