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Women searching for their new normal after treatment for breast cancer will find everything they need at the Silhouette Mastectomy Boutique in Newport News.

An offshoot of Reach Orthotic and Prosthetic Services, the boutique opened in January 2009 to provide a customized shopping experience for breast cancer survivors. The boutique’s manager, Teresa Kelly, has a long history of fitting people with prostheses, and she understands the challenges women encounter when shopping at a traditional clothing store after a mastectomy.

“Everything changes after a cancer diagnosis,” Kelly explains. “This is a whole new world, and we are here to help women be both comfortable and stylish.”

A lively, funky vibe coupled with knowledgeable, compassionate staff makes Silhouette a unique retail destination. Mannequins decked out in bright pink tutus, as well as the latest trends in clothing and jewelry, are on display throughout the shop. The boutique caters to women of all ages, sizes and activity levels and carries yoga wear, swimsuits and workout clothes with hidden built-in pockets to hold breast forms. Hats and wigs are available in a variety of colors and styles. Breast prosthetics designed to fit every body shape, from petite to plus size, are also in stock.

Even though fittings for breast prosthetics are often covered by insurance, a visit to the Silhouette Mastectomy Boutique is not just another appointment. Women weary of endless hours in a doctor’s exam room are treated to a fun, personalized session with one of the shop’s four trained fitters.

During a private consultation, the fitter takes a woman’s measurements, performs a visual check and conducts a lifestyle assessment. Based on that information, the fitter recommends specific products designed to meet each woman’s individual needs. The fitter can answer any questions a shopper may have and also explains how to put on and take off the new garments, as well as how to care for them properly.

Appointments are required for all fittings, and shoppers must have a valid, current prescription from a doctor in order to be fitted for prosthetics. Boutique staff will confirm insurance coverage prior to a fitting.


Silhouette Mastectomy Boutique is at 12715 Warwick Blvd., Newport News. 757-930-0139.

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