Pet Issue Profiles: Terry O’Quinn


Photo by Kate Baldwin

Terry O’Quinn

Actor, Star of TV’s Lost

Pet: Momo, 4, Tabby

Terry O’Quinn may be an Emmy-winning actor, but it’s Momo the Tabby who prefers to take center stage at his home in Virginia Beach. Originally found wandering the streets of Chicago, Momo is a “tough cookie” who likes napping on Terry’s chest and eating “all the time.” Momo is one of three cats who are “a constant source of entertainment” in the household O’Quinn shares with his partner Kate, who works for the Virginia Beach SPCA. While Terry enjoys the teamwork of a “happy set” and the opportunity to gain new perspectives by playing different characters in his career, his cast of felines run the show at home: “In some ways it seems like they let us live with them instead of the other way around.”

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