Pet Issue Profiles: Kara Friend


Photo by Maurice Kleinman

Kara Friend

Breast Surgeon with Riverside Health System

Pets: Emma, 4, Boxer Mix; Jon Snow, 2, Boxer Mix and Mina Barker, 7, Mixed Breed

A house full of three fulltime pups—not to mention occasional fosters—is always waiting to greet Dr. Kara Friend after a challenging day of treating patients as a breast surgeon. This doctor advises us to consider shelters and rescues first when searching for a pet. That’s how she found all of her fur babies. Jon is the “big, goofy puppy” of the pack, seemingly oblivious to his 90-lb. size. The “classic middle child,” Emma is “a little neurotic” and makes “weird little ‘peeping’ noises if she gets excited.” Mina is the “overgrown cat” who loves to lay in the sun and be carried like a baby when she goes to get her “nails done.”

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