Pam's Picks

Prints for Pooches


It's time to add some sassy style to your canine companion. Animal prints may help them bark up a conversation with the doghouse owner down the street. Since I enjoy dressing my own pampered pooch, LuLu, in many chic outfits, I decided I would show our readers some favorite items. So, all of you dog fashionistas, next time you go to the dog park, you may see me and LuLu, and you can guarantee she will be dressed to the nines! But, I'm betting you will also see a lot of other dogs with a Bow WOW! look of their very own.

Pam's Tip: When choosing clothes or toys make sure you check that they are safe for the dog. Things like buttons, plastic eyes instead of stitched eyes, or stuffing can get lodged in the dog's throat. And we all know how dogs chew on everything! It's as dangerous for them as it is for small children. I recommend you check all of your dog's toys and clothes on a regular basis for any torn fabric, loose stuffing or squeakers that show through seams. Dispose of these toys right away and know you are saving your pooch from a possible pet emergency room visit. And remember, as crazy as it may sound to paint a dog's nails, they make non-toxic polish specifically for dogs, so don't use human nail polish on your pup.



March/April 2010

Natural Instincts


I will admit I am not the best at using all-natural products all of the time, but I am learning, and these new products make it easy to make the switch. We can all start incorporating environmentally savvy beauty lines by simply reading the lists of ingredients. But going green can also mean looking for ecofriendly containers that provide more product and require you to use less or packaging designed to be reused or recycled. Here are Pam's Picks to help save the planet and our skin at the same time.

Princess Theodora Items:
Serum: This Rejuvenating Rose Serum is packed with essential nutrients and fortifying antioxidants such as Hyaluronic Acid; DMAE; vitamins A, B, C, and E; Alphalipoic Acid; Rosa Damascena; Meadow Foam; and Rose Absolute. These ingredients will assist in the miraculous rejuvenation process of your skin while maintaining an overall youthful appearance. Serum is 100 percent vegan. $158. Princess Theodora, an online company based in Virginia Beach. Lotion: Moisturizing Rose Lotion is a wonderful restoring, refining and moisturizing treat for all skin types. An aromatic and super intense blend of softening rose hip oil and rich hibiscus extract packed with DMAE; MSM; vitamins A, B, C, and E; and rose absolute. Lotion is 86 percent organic content, 100 percent vegan. $118. Princess Theodora. Mood Balancing Spray: This mood balancing body mist made with pure jasmine, rose, and neroli oil has the most beneficial effect when sprayed all over the body after a shower, but it can be applied as a refreshing mist any time of the day. Spray is 100 percent vegan. $88. Princess Theodora. Lip Balm: Pamper and nourish your lips with Lip Nourishing Rose Balm. full of miracle ingredients such as sweet almond oil, palm christi oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam oil, vitamin E, neem oil, rose, tangerine and lime, this lip balm will relieve your lips from dryness and flaking while also giving you a refreshing flavor. Balm is not tested on animals. $38. Princess Theodora.


Privé Items:

Les Bains De Privé Hydrating Body Cream: Wrap your body in luxurious comfort and protection with this long lasting formula enriched with avocado oil, orchid extract, and jojoba oil that deeply penetrates skin for all day softness and helps to prevent harmful environmental aggressors. $34. Salon Vivace, various locations throughout Hampton Roads. Les Bains De Privé Replenishing Body Wash: Indulge your skin in a rich, creamy lather enriched with cucumber, green tea, and camomile. Skin nourishing wrap of gentle moisture and delicate cleansing will leave you feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated. $20. Salon Vivace.



Pam's Tip: How do we know what is natural and what isn't? Read ingredients and do your own research. You will be amazed at what you find. Below are just a few of many natural ingredients to look for.

1. Almond Oilgreat for dry skin
2. Aloehydrates the skin, great for sunburn
3. Carotinean antioxidant
4. Grape Seed Extractan antioxidant
5. Kaolinwhite clay found in China used in facial masks
6. Kelpseaweed rich in antioxidant vitamins to soothe and tone
7. Mintgreat for acne, oily skin
8. Oatmealnatural exfoliant used in facial masks
9. Papayagreat for sensitive skin
10. Ascorbic Acidexcellent skin nutrient containing vitamin C