Online Farmers Market In Coastal Virginia

When the bliss that encompasses apple picking, hikes in the mountains and other autumnal activities begins to take over our fall schedules, it can often be more challenging to visit our local farmers markets.

As Richmond-based company Seasonal Roots heads into their sixth season, they’re digging their roots deeper and making their online farmers market services accessible to Coastal Virginia residents.

Simply visit, and you can sign up for local, seasonal produce as well as a selection of artisan items and baked goods to be delivered right to your door. Seasonal Roots strives to provide items that are grown, raised or baked within 150 miles of Central Virginia, with most of their produce having only spent 48 hours out of the ground by the time it reaches you.

Are you vegetarian, gluten-free or on a cheese-only diet (both hands are raised over here)? The best part is that the service is customizable from the basket size to what you eat. Each Friday, your online market opens for you to choose from a curated list of items that will be available for the week. Once you make your selections by Sunday, the Seasonal Roots team places your order with area farmers and artisans on Monday morning. Then on delivery day—Thursday for Coastal Virginians—leave an ice-filled cooler on your porch for them to place your items and keep them chilled until your arrival.

Depending on your basket size and account type as a member or guest, prices and perks will vary. For instance, receive your baskets for a lower rate and the option to skip orders if you become a member.

Learn more at 757-351-4565 or

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