Non-Traditional Wedding Rings

Perhaps you’re looking to save a little money, or diamonds just aren’t your thing. Maybe you simply want to express your unique style by rocking something other than a rock. Whatever the case, there are plenty of options for thinking outside the box—err, circle—when it comes to your engagement and wedding bands.



Go Conflict-Free

conflict free diamonds

If you’ve ever seen the movie Blood Diamond you know that there’s a much larger price to pay for diamonds than what’s listed on the tag at the jewelry store. There are plenty of stones aside from diamonds that make beautiful engagement rings. If you’re set on a diamond, make sure your stone is conflict-free by asking your jeweler about a diamond’s history. Ask to see the stone’s Kimberley Process certificate—a document that’s included with diamonds that are mined and shipped in a humane way.

Go Green

recycled gold

Two-thirds of newly-mined gold comes from open-pit mining, which is harmful to the environment and produces eight to 10 times more waste rubble than underground mines. Opt for recycled gold, which is the same quality as a newly mined metal without damaging the ecosystem. Learn more here.

Go another color

other types of precious stones

All the celebs are doing it; you can also consider a colored stone for your engagement ring. Whether you choose a sparkling emerald like Halle Berry, a fabulous sapphire like Princess Kate or a canary yellow diamond like Heidi Klum, you’ll feel star-worthy each time you gaze at your finger.

Go Wood

wooden wedding band

If you really want to opt for something unique, abandon all the rules and pick a band made from walnut, maple, mahogany or oak. These designs by are artisan-made, eco-friendly, durable and stylish.

Go Vintage

vintage wedding ring

Antique is definitely in, and we love the idea of sporting a once-(or twice-) adored ring, whether it was passed down as a family heirloom or found in an antique store. It’s a chic way to go green without sacrificing charm, and it’s smart to start your love history with a piece that has a bit of history of its own.

Go personal

custom wedding ring

Nothing is as one-of-a-kind as a fingerprint, and with these handcrafted designs by brent & jess, you can have your sweetie’s fingerprint imprinted on the inside or outside of your band.


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