Muse Paintbar, Virginia Beach

The walls are decorated like the fridge of an artist’s proud mom. Paintings from previous classes and a handmade/vintage decor create a fun, hipster-like vibe in Muse Paintbar.

I find the canvas with my name on it, and the paint and brushes already set out and ready to use. Since I arrived early for the 7 o’clock class as recommended, I take full advantage of the extra time and order a glass of wine and mozzarella sticks at the bar.

Cova Muse CoVa Muse Bar

Muse’s menu includes wine, beer and cans of soda to sip on, along with an array of appetizers and desserts for the snacker, or a calzone, pulled pork sandwich, mac and cheese or pizza for the hungrier painters.

Plus my food and drink are delivered right to my easel—what more can I ask for?

Cova Muse Cova Muse Cova Muse

Muse Paintbar in Virginia Beach just recently opened as the 18th location in the franchise. Different local artists teach the class each night—Bob Langston is the teacher tonight. Langston is known around Virginia Beach for his custom surfboard paintings, murals and posters for the East Coast Surfing Championship, which will be held Aug. 21–28 this year. Tonight, he is our guide for our celestial-themed painting.

“This will be just like painting with Bob Ross,” Langston says before class begins at 7 o’clock sharp, turning up the volume on the classic rock playing through the speakers.

Cova Muse Cova Muse

The professional artists teaching Muse classes make everyone feel like an artist as well with step-by-step instructions that painters of all ages can follow. If you get lost, another artist is always walking around to help.

A 10- to 15-minute break is given for painters to order more drinks, take a breather, or touch up their painting-in-progress.

Once the finished product is done, the painters can hang out a while and take pictures to show off their pieces of art. No clean-up is necessary, Langston says. “We’ve got it.”

Cova Muse Cova Muse

Muse Paintbar is open five to six days a week, with the kitchen opening at 6:30 p.m. and classes starting at 7 p.m. Daytime classes can be scheduled in advance for private parties. Muse is perfect for a date night, girls’ night out, kids’ birthdays, bachelorette parties or work events.

For more information about the Virginia Beach location or to schedule a class, visit or Muse's Facebook page.

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