Living Decor

Go Green This Season By Making Plants A Part Of The Big Day

Love grows that much more when you invite gorgeous, living terrariums and succulents into your wedding décor plan. If terrariums are unfamiliar territory for you, they’re essentially a combination of succulents, moss, rocks and other small plants arranged in a sort of on-the-go garden.

Modern brides are taking more nontraditional approaches to personalizing their weddings, and succulents and terrariums could provide that unique touch you’re looking for. While any bride loves flowers and candles in their décor, a bit of green often makes a greater statement. Along with the overall cuteness factor that comes with these green gems, they’re also low-maintenance, so you’ll be able to enjoy your day without the fear of them wilting. So exchange a few of your floral arrangements for some green, and elevate your affair with these stunning, living decorations.


Terrarium Centerpieces
Terrariums, alone, act as unique vessels to get your guests talking, but they can also be personalized to accommodate a variety of shapes, sizes, containers and themes to play a vital role on the décor. Have a treasured collection of family China or vases? Use these or any other snazzy container to liven your table settings. Add miniature figurines or colored rocks, water them just a smidgen, and allow these treasures to speak for themselves.


Looking to leave your guests with a growing reminder of your wedding? Gift them with a planted succulent in terracotta pots, like these from Glass Gardens, Norfolk.

Card Holders
We’ve seen birdcages, vintage boxes and suitcases carrying cards, but why not try a glass terrarium instead? That way, you’ll have your own personal memento to take back to your newlywed home. (See how a local bride included this in her wedding here)


Place Settings
While these may seem like a petite part of your day, nametags are always fabulous conversation starters when your guests arrive at the reception. Potted plants add that DIY touch, while still remaining chic. Plus, these can double as favors for your guests.

Dangling Terrariums
Lights are lovely, and lanterns are, too, but when you mix things up with hanging gardens nestled in glass vases, you’ve instantly added that elegant touch of whimsy in a subtle, clever way.