Kashuk For Target: A True Delight for All Senses

Sonia Kashuk, originally a make-up artist, has introduced a new line of bath and body products to Target. They are incredibly beautiful, from the decorative packaging to the sweet scents they exude. The collection consists of four decorative scents that capture the personality of any woman. Pink Innocencia, Purple Seductia, Yellow Alluriana and Red Promisia are all crafted with the intention of appealing to the senses with delectable smells from versatile origins. The packing is a bold black base with handcrafted floral designs displayed on each piece of the collection in fragrance-distinctive colors.

Target carries body polish, hand crème, body oils, fragrances and even an exfoliating mitten from the collection. Although the products are affordable, they do not fall short in quality of pricier competitors. Along with a newly-released bath and body collection, Kashuk also has a line of make-up and accessories available for exploration at Target as well. Check out what else the talented Ms. Kashuk has in stores!

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of testing a hand crème from the Red Promisia collection. So rich and exfoliating, the scent will dance off your hands. Embellished with sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla, the combination of these soothing ingredients are exuded perfectly. The aroma is embedded with a touch of sweetness, like sprinkles on a cake, but it is overall very warm. I also had the opportunity to get a few spritz of Eau De Toilette from the Pink Innocencia collection. As a fan of floral scents, I immediately fell in love! Infused with tuberose, amber and magnolia, these beautiful flowers create a beautiful scent. The floral flirty base of this scent makes it perfect for a date with destiny.


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