Introducing The Coastal Virginia Idea House 2014

The Coastal Virginia Idea House Will Evoke A Stunning, “Old Beachy-Beachy” Lifestyle


These days, there is a lot of talk about “updating” in architectural and interior design. But come October 2014, the first Coastal Virginia Idea House—a partnership between Coastal Virginia Magazine and Chesapeake based Stephen Alexander Homes—will have everyone talking about “old-dating.”

Located on a half-acre lot at the North End of Virginia Beach at 35 ½ Street and Holly Road, the Coastal Virginia Idea House will showcase this “old-dated” look, a term Stephen Quick IV coined to describe a style that is a little bit Virginia Beach and a little bit Nantucket, c. early 1900s. We want to “pull some of those architectural elements forward and bring them into the present-day vernacular,” Quick says.

The 4,000-square-foot home’s most notable exterior design feature, one not seen much in this area, is the Gambrel Roof, a symmetrical roof with two slopes on each side, one at a shallow angle, and the other at a steeper slope.  Additionally, some new shingle materials, new window patterns, large porches that blur the line between inside and out, and much more will combine to evoke an “old beachy-beachy” coastal lifestyle.

Quick describes the new floor plan as being “pretty stunningly open.” “We’re reinventing some of our own details,” he says of the home’s “Coastal Nostalgic” style with its simple, uncluttered, but upscale interior. Designed for overnight guests who want to kick their shoes off and relax, the home sports a multi-generational suite on the first floor.

Outside, a fire pit and paver areas will provide hardscaping set-off against the backdrop of “borrowed landscape” from the lovely 3rd hole of the Princess Anne Country Club golf course.

This inaugural home is planned to sell for just under a million, unfurnished, though all furnishings and accessories will be for sale, with new owners taking possession in 2015. But this fall, the public will be invited to tour the house for a nominal fee which will benefit local charities. Keep an eye out in future issues of Coastal Virginia Magazine as more details are revealed.

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