HRM Valentine's Gift Guide: For the Romantic

Happy Valentine's Day from Hampton Roads Magazine! Even though today is the big day, perhaps there's still a couple lovebirds out there who aren't exactly early birds and are in need of a last minute–yet wonderfully thoughtful–gift for your sweetie. Here are some ideas for the hopeless romantic who's stolen your heart for the keeping!

Picnic Backpack: – $79.95

Nothing says romance like a private picnic with your honey on a nice day. Make it a hassle-free affair with this incredible picnic backpack. The backpack can be personalized and comes loaded with flatware, napkins, goblets, plates, bread knife, cutting board, corkscrew and even a detachable wine cooler. Surprise your sweetheart with your thoughtfulness and spontaneity this Valentine’s Day!

Find it online at Red Envelope.

Cutesy Cards – $4

What better way to share your affection than with a thoughtful Valentine that was locally crafted? These handmade cards from Maple and Belmont make it easy to show off your sensitive side and demonstrate how much you care. Choose from a selection of adorable designs that are sure to make your Valentine blush. Be sure to include a personal letter or a sweet poem to really earn extra points.

Find it at Kitsch, Norfolk.

Candy Jar: – $24.95

How do I love thee? Count the ways with this romantic Personalized Candy Jar. Create your own phrases to be etched into conversation candy hearts that your special someone won’t be able to resist. Add names, special dates, creative phrases – whatever you think will say, “I love you” best! Plus they come with Chocolate Hershey's Kisses®!

Find it online at Personalization Mall.

Heart Pins – $12

If your lady wears her heart on her sleeve, you can give her the ability to wear it wherever she wants with these adorable heart pins crafted by local artist Lynne Sward. The pins come in a variety of bright, fun colors and shapes, so pick the one that reminds you most of the one who has your heart!

Find it at d'ART Center, Norfolk.

Flying Wish Paper – $10

Your wishes to have someone spectacular to love may have already been granted, but here's a way to make sure your sweetie has absolutely everything they could wish for! Flying Wish Paper is easy to use, and while it only lasts for a few seconds, the memory leaves a lasting impression.

Simply write your wish on the paper, crumple it, unfold it, shape it into a tube, place it on the wish platform (included), light it on fire with a golden match (also included), and watch as it floats to the sky. Then just wait for it to come true!

Find it online at


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