HRM Valentine’s Gift Guide: For the Manly Man

From now until the 14th, we’ll be giving little hints about what your significant other would love to receive on Valentine’s Day. This one is for manly man in your life—the one who takes the recycling bin out to the street, the one who’s not afraid to stomp that giant, disgusting bug and the one who can hold his own in a zombie apocalypse while lifting weights and enjoying a tasty burger with a cold beer.

Personalized Beer Mug – $24.95

He loves his beer, but he’ll love it even more when he gets to pour it into this 25-oz. mug with his name on it! This personalized beer mug is the perfect gift for your hardworking man to come home to on Valentine’s Day. And for $7.95, they’ll wrap it for you in a beautiful reusable gift box.

Find it online at Personalization Mall.

Zombie Survival Crate – $99.99

You never know what you might be up against, so help your man keep the walkers away with this Zombie Survival Crate. This kit is not for the faint of heart and includes a Gator Machete Jr., zombie survival guide, duct tape, a first aid kit, and cans of spam (just in case you run out of food during the apocalypse). Fuel his overactive imagination and warm his heart with your thoughtful creativity!

Find it online at

Beolit 12 Speaker – 799.00

Let him be the DJ this Valentine’s Day and give him the gift of incredibly crisp sound of the Beolit 12. This portable speaker features AirPlay functionality so he can wirelessly play music from his iPod, cell phone or other wireless device wherever there’s Wifi. He can also directly connect his device to the speaker. It’s portable so he can share his great tunes wherever he goes!

Find it at Bang & Olufson, The Palace Shops at Ghent

Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter – 14.95

Satisfy the meat lover in your life with the best thing to happen to burgers since buns. The stuffed hamburger press allows your hungry honey to make his own burgers and stuff them with bacon, his favorite cheeses, peppers or veggies. He’s going to love being the chef with this fun gadget.

Find it at Williams-Sonoma.

Enro Men’s Non-Iron Dress Shirt – $65.99

Keep him looking fresh and professional (without overexerting him) with Enro men’s non-iron dress shirts. They’re made of comfy 100% cotton and can be machine-washed. He’ll be thrilled to save the trip to the drycleaner, and you’ll be thrilled that his shirts no longer resemble a shar-pei.

Find it at Muglers.

Personalized BarrelSign – $129

If your hubby loves to entertain guests, this Personalized Whiskey Barrel/Moonshine Barrel Sign is sure to spice up the kitchen or bar area of your home. Made out of solid oak and embellished with an iron strap, this sign mimics an old-aged whiskey or moonshine barrel.

Make him feel like the master of taste with a personalization of the sign’s graphics. At only 20 inches in diameter, this sign will add all the charm without any of the bulk.

Find it at

Universal Dock and Charging Station – $24

Perhaps your man has too many gadgets; not only his tech toys but also their cable counterparts. It can seem like a crazy, tangled mess. Don’t fear–we have found the perfect organizer to help straighten things out.

This Universal Dock and Charging Station fits up to eight cables in a stylish wood finish. The wavy design makes it look like a piece of art with convenient slots. Devices can sit on top of the cables, making it easy to unplug and go. The felt pad on the bottom keeps the rest of your furniture out of harm’s way, and handmade craftsmanship makes this piece unique.

Find it at Etsy.

Golf BBQ Tool Set – $27.95

This Valentine’s Day, give your man a useful gift that resembles another love of his—sports! This barbeque set allows him to fantasize about his favorite sport while flipping burgers.

Resembling golf club handles, this Fore! Golf BBQ Tool Set includes a spatula, prong, and turning fork in the shapes of golf necessities. All utensils have insulated handles to make him feel like he’s out on the course in his own backyard.

Find it at


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