HRM Holiday Gift Guide: For the Animal Lover

The season of giving is again upon us, and with so many people on your list to account for, we thought we'd give you a helping hand. From now until the big day, we'll be serving up holiday gift guides to help you select presents for everyone on your list. This edition, we're helping you find just the thing for the furry friend lover in your life. 

Urban Soaps peppermint soap
StudioSRV 11×14 Rectangular Canvas – $154.00

Turn your loved one's loved one into a work of art! StudioSRV, owned by Seann Vicente, creates hand-painted pet portraits in acrylic. These portraits are entirely custom and one-of-a-kind and not limited to just dogs and cats. 

The process is fairly simple, but the result is a gift that perfectly captures the pet's personality and likeness.

The portraits are priced according to size and canvas and are available on square or rectangular canvas. Orders take about 3-6 weeks from the initial order date for completion. Contact Seann and purchase the portrait directly from the StudioSRV site.

Cat Snuggle Scratcher 2-Pack – $26.00

Cats were "in" this year, and cats will feel like they're in heaven with this handy Snuggle Scratcher. This product is built to help kitties do two of their favorite things: rest and scratch. The corrugated bowl is a luxurious space for shut-eye and an irresistible spot for scratching and claw sharpening.

The Snuggle Scratcher is lightweight and made of cardboard for ease of transportation.

Order now from to get the 2-Pack for half off it's retail value of $45.98. 

Collapsible Pet Bowl – $19.00

The Collapsible Pet Bowl is THE pet owner's solution for feeding. The bowl, which can be used for food or water, is adjustable to four different sizes and folds down to only 1.5 inches.

BPA and PVC free, the bowl is made of FDA food-safe non-toxic silicone and dishwasher safe.

Light weight, functional and eco-friendly, the Collapsible Pet Bowl's non-slip design is a no-brainer! The design is available in Yogurt Pink or Minty Blue. (Bliss Paws)

Dog-E-Glow Collar and Leash – $25.99, $29.99

For the sports and animal lovers who wish they could combine the two, there are Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes, appropriately designed with NCAA Division I University logo designs. Combining functionality, technology, fashion and fandom, Dog-E-Glow gives college sports fans and their pets the ability to "flash their pride."

Sold separately, all of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leash designs illuminate their entire length and can be seen up to 1,000 feet away, making it an ideal product for walking pets in the evening. The lights can be turned on in a steady of flashing mode, and the included batteries last up to 150 hours.

Made of high-quality nylon sewn around LED bulbs, the collars are completely safe and weather resistant. (

Dog Is Good Pillow – $42.00

Pet lovers will love these cheeky, hilarious throw pillows with creative one-liners and inspired illustrations.

Each pillow features a heartwarming illustration, witty phrases and clever musing on life with a dog.

Retailed at a $100 value, has these pillows for only $42–that's a 58 percent discount! Snatch one up now and get back to snuggling with your furry one. (

BarkBox – $18/month

Ever heard of Birchbox, the site that delivers luxe beauty samples to your door each month? BarkBox is essentially Birchbox for dogs! 

To get started, go to BarkBox's web site and tell them how big your dog's bark is (or what size they are) and what plan you'd like to opt for (plans start as low at $18 a month for 6 months.) 

Every month thereafter, you or the gift recipient will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog–anything from bones and treats to shampoos and new innovative gadgets!

A portion of the proceeds (10 percent) from each box goes to help dogs-in-need, so you can treat two dogs at the same time.

Sign up now at BarkBox.


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