How To: Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

This season is always an exciting time of year for me—the comfort of sweaters, knee-high and over-the-knee-high boots, hats, rich colors, layering—I love it. On Sunday while it was pouring rain, I just couldn’t wait to get on my messenger hat, plaid poncho and Capelli rain boots. While trudging through the neighborhood I came to realize that the season was finally here. The blistering summer that was wonderful while it lasted has desisted and it was time to flip some of my fall wardrobe from the guest closet into our walk-in. One thing that’s deceiving about fall, an in-between season, is that a couple of degrees up or down can take you from being perfectly comfortable to too hot or too cold. So what do you do?

Leave your beach essentials behind.  Yes, that’s right. Let them go: the flip flops, the short-shorts, the gladiators, and so on need to hibernate. 

Fussy and loud outfits—Ciao. But do hang onto bold solids which can be paired nicely with dark more “fall” type separates which will bring that bold piece into season.

Your hoodies and frumpy sweaters are not the solution. Instead, opt for tailored blazers and chic cardigans to keep you warm.

Be like the princess and the pea: layer. Not only does layering—when done properly—make you look sophisticated; it’s practical. 

White is alright. It’s totally 80s (in a bad way) to believe in the cliché about no white after Labor Day. White works especially when it’s paired with a plaid, houndstooth or checkered-type pattern. It brings you into fall without making your outfit look too heavy.

Some summer dresses do work, but do make sure that the print (if it is) is subtle and it doesn’t scream “summer picnic”. The key to making them work are oversized cardigans that fall below the waist. To keep a sexy silhouette, finish your look with a skinny belt to show that you do have a waist.

Cold weather accessorize by adding a scarf or hat detail to your outfit. A plain white tee can go from blah to ya-huh with a bold scarf. Don’t just look at boring, solid colored pashminas; go for that punch of color. Also look at different textures and materials, styles and shapes (wide, chunky etc.). 

Give it the boot. Boots have been and will be forever the go-to essential for fall. Invest in quality boots that have lasting wearability. And wear the right pants, especially if you are choosing to tuck your slacks into your boots. Invest in leggings and skinny jeans.

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