How To: Just Go with It

How many times have you been in a situation and regretted not going with your instincts?  Maybe you had a hunch, but chose to go with reasoning instead.  I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me, and I’ve kicked myself countless times for not following my gut and going with my instinct.  I hear this when I practice yoga all the time, “Be present.”  The infamous yoga teacher Baron Baptiste always says that we are always caught in the past and focusing on the future that we lose sight on the present.

ASK.  You’ve heard this before:  There are no dumb questions—this is true.  The whole point in asking for an answer allows your conscious and sub-conscious mind and body to be open to receiving an answer.  So, no matter what religion you practice, or whether or not you are a spiritual person who simply believes that there is something out there that is greater than you, ask them your question.

LISTEN.  Unfortunately our inner voice does not scream or shake our bodies to make sure that it has our attention.  It’s sort of like college, you listen or you don’t—it’s up to you.  Since you asked, I’m sure you want an answer.  In order to listen, we must “quiet” our minds.  This is yet another yoga thing, something I hear all the time.  If you are not an A-type personality, just get into the habit of writing things down so you are not over consumed with your to-do list (thinking about the future).  Let go of the past—there’s nothing you can do about it.  Be present, be here, be now.

BE LIGHT.  Ramakrishna, one of the most famous Hindu mystics always said to be light, to let go of anything that put weight on our minds and spirit.  So, all that anger, that stress, the discontent over the things that you cannot change, let it all go—remember, stress in the mind means stress on your epidermis, which means lines and wrinkles, which means expensive cream (over crap that you can’t fix).

DON’T TRY TO REASON.  Overthinking a sign, a message, a thought, will just drive you insane.  Don’t do it!  Just go with it.  Believe in mysterious things, believe that yes, it can happen to you.  The reasoning will come to you, maybe not immediately, but it will eventually, and then you will have that ah-ha moment. 

TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.  Whether it’s a walk on the beach with your dog, 30 minutes on the treadmill, or a soak in the tub; allow yourself to listen to yourself.  I once did a retreat where I was not allowed to be exposed to my cell phone, television, radio, or i-Pod.  Whenever I had my “personal time” I was forced to face my own thoughts.  Though it was scary at first, but the feeling that you have once you’ve sorted through your mind in incredible, it is euphoric.

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