How To Host a Cookie Swap

A timeless gathering during the season is an old-fashioned cookie swap, an opportunity to gather with other folks and share a batch—or two—of your cookies, and in return leaving with an assortment from the event.

It’s made even more fun when recipes are also shared so you can add some new cookies to your baking repertoire.

Want to host your own cookie swap? Here are a few tips:

1. Send out invitations at least two weeks ahead to give time for folks to prepare. Ask them to let you know in advance what they are bringing so you can coordinate a bit and not end up with all gingerbread cookies. (Here are some ideas to get started.) Remind them to share the recipe if they will; you can email these out to the group.

2. Have folks bring cookies either on disposable platters, or ask them to mark their platter as theirs and wait until the swap is over to retrieve it. Individually wrapping cookies is another good idea. And be sure to have them write the name and brief description of the cookies on an index card to set out with the sweets.

3. Put out long tables and some fun bags for folks to go around and grab some other cookies to take home with them. Remind them to only take the same number of cookies with them that they brought to the party. Provide beverages and put on holiday music. 

Need some ideas for recipes? Here are 10 of our favorite holiday cookies.

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