How To: Get Summer-Bod-Ready in HR


With the sun consistently shining for the last few days now, the clock is ticking.  Pretty soon it will be time for bikinis, tanks, summer dresses, and shorts.  Hibernation is done, and little Miss. Squirrel, you’ve had one too many acorns.  I think we all feel that way, but thankfully there are many outdoor and indoor, free and paid, ways to say goodbye to all that winter insulation.

FREE: MOUNT TRASHMORE. 165 acres, 60 feet high, over 800 feet long, and was created by compacting layers of solid waste and clean soil.  A few up-and-downs on this baby consistently, 3 times a week can make you drop up to 5 pounds and 3-5 inches on your mid-section, not to mention a killer butt.  Mount Trashmore also features a 1.45 mile trail if elevation isn’t your bag.

PAID: EVENING BOOTCAMPS AT MOUNT TRASHMORE. The cost: $299 for a 4-week camp.  The commitment: 1 hour a day for 4 weeks.  You’ll definitely shed the pounds and will be motivated—these instructors don’t play around.  More info: Virginia Beach Boot Camp.

FREE: RUNNING ON THE BEACH, ON THE SAND. Running on the sand is a lot gentler on those knees and tones your legs a lot more aggressively than running on a flat surface.  In addition you will burn 1.6 times more calories.  Shoes or no shoes?  Running barefoot actually allows for a greater range of motion without any restriction, but be sure to prep yourself by running for short distances at a time on firmer, wet, sand.

PAID: TIDEWATER STRIDERS. The cost: $15/year.  The commitment: Racing at different events (5K/1 mile) and actively participating.  If running is your thing, this is a great way to build motivation, comradery, and an amazing body.

FREE: KAYAKING. Considering that HR is surrounded by water and has a whole bunch of it running through, kayaking is a great way to lose weight and experience the area on water.  Kayaking will not only tone your core and arms but will also give your legs a workout if you’re using them for that added thrust.  Moving the kayak at 5 mph will burn 400 calories in an hour.

PAID: KAYAK NATURE TOUR. The cost: $50 and up.  The commitment: 2 ½-8 hour tours.  With different tour packages that allow you to explore anywhere from Zuni to Corova, Pungo to the Dismal Swamp, this is not only a work out by a back-to-nature Pocahontas experience.  Kayak and equipment rentals are available.  More info: Tidewater Adventures.

FREE: SURFING, BOOGIE AND PADDLE BOARDING. The term “surfer bod” isn’t out there without reason, but is much more visually stimulating and specific than: Sexy, toned, awesome, and yeah.  Based a weight of 150 lbs, one can burn at least 204 calories per hour.  Yes, the waves here are unpredictable, but if you catch that great set, ride it all the way.

PAID: VB SURF SESSONS. The cost: $60 and up.  The commitment: Chose from a 2-hour one-time lesson to a 5-day camp.  Lessons and boards are available all-year-round believe it or not.  This is a gnarly way to learn and appreciate surfing privately or in a group setting.  More info: VB Surf Sessions.

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