How To: Get Lovely Locks

Image: Disney's Tangled

Disney's Tangled.

If only you knew what I am about to tell you years ago.  But fear not, hair grows and as long as you are willing to ch-ch-change, your locks will get their second chance. 

Over the weekend I attended the dress rehearsal for a Virginia Arts Festival performance, Rappahannock County, and had the pleasure of a backstage tour.  Upon meeting the wig master, I learned that the wigs are made from imported human hair.  Why imported? you ask, well North Americans have over processed hair making us terrible candidates for the job.  Which got me thinking, how do we healthy-up our hair?

DIET.  The scalp is one of the last parts of your body (nails are the other) that receive essential nutrients.  So, look at these areas as an assessment to your nutritional health.  Funny how healthy diet is the platform for everything, isn’t it? —Things you wish you knew years ago.

OVER-SHAMPOOING.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but allow me to remind you.  Shampooing not only strips the natural oils that protect your strands, but it fades your color.  I’m not saying to stop shampooing altogether, but cut back on it.  Your hair may feel oily at first, but it will adapt (you may have to do some cleaver up-dos or ponytails for a week).  Instead, use a dollop of hair conditioner and rinse with warm water.  There are a number of cleansing balms out there, and in-between shampoo products, that you may also want to try out.

USE THE NOZZEL ON YOUR HAIRDRYER.  Not only will the nozzle give you a sleek blow-out, but it will also protect your tresses from the coils of your hairdryer.  On Sunday, I burned off almost 8 inches of my hair while doing a blow-out because I was too lazy to attach the nozzle on my blow dryer—thank God it isn’t at all noticeable.  The nozzle keeps your hair at a safe distance from the stove-top temp that your hairdryer coils heat up to.  Also, the plastic nozzle will never heat up, so you can place that right on your strands without any worries.

HAIRSPRAY?  I know this is an essential product, but the amount of alcohol in it can seriously dry your hair.  Look at hairsprays that are low in alcohol or omit it completely.  Also, use it sparingly, and only put it where you absolutely need it.  The best defense is a heat-protecting spray or serum that will form a protective coating for your strands.

MASSAGE.  It does feel good and is so beneficial for your scalp.  Good circulation in the scalp allows nutrients to be passed from your follicle to each strand.  Many of us suffer from tight scalps from dryness, over-shampooing, and product build-up.  To combat this, the next time you shampoo, take the time to massage your scalp.

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