How To: Fall for Fall With Door Decor

One thing that excites me about a new season is the ability to bring touches of it into the home. It’s a great way to get that new look without having to completely redecorate. One great place to start is outside. I’ve always admired those who take the time to decorate outside their door. It says a lot about what their home is like inside.

Last weekend, as a family we headed to Chesapeake for that fall harvest uber-farm experience; something that we have been planning to do for some weeks now. We went to Clarke Farm, a quaint farm tucked away in a residential pocket of the city.  Friendly people, local Virginia produce, a peacock, a couple of farm animals and of course hayrides. With our pumpkins, gourds and 15-pound squash picked out, I was tickled to fall-ify my exterior.

HAY WE GO NOW! A great way to anchor your decorations (if you have the space) is to get the traditional bale of hay. I purchased ours at a garden store for $5.99.  Tip: Bring a blanket.

ONE LITTLE, TWO LITTLE, THREE LITTLE INDIAN CORN. The beautifully unique color combinations found in Indian corn is a favorite seasonal touch for me. Most supermarkets have them on sale now, two bunches (usually three corn) for $4.

FAIRYTALE TOUCHES. Cinderella pumpkins are a great way to add more dimension and color to your  vignette. It’s a nice variance to the traditional pumpkin.  Found in peppermint green and cream colors, along with orange, their shorter and wider frame add a bit more character.

BIG AND SMALL. I enjoy using multiple sizes of pumpkins. When doing so, it’s best to group in odd numbers. Clarke Farm has a nice variety with the stems still attached, for more authentic character. 

GOURD GOING. To add even more texture, color, and style are a cluster of gourds. At only $0.75 each you can afford a handful.  The deep greens and bright yellows balance quite nicely with the deep rich colors in the Indian corn.

THE BIRDS. I thought that by adding a couple of crows it would introduce a more fun element to the look. I found mine at Dollar Tree for a dollar each. It has a wire on its foot to help with fastening it to anything.

Planning a fall wedding? Here are some easy ways to decorate with pumpkins.

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