How To: Do Richmond’s Carytown

There’s much ado about any state capital, perhaps it’s the concentration of power in one city.  What I have learned, after my share of meandering in not-so-seemingly exciting towns, is that there are always gems just begging to be found.  Believe it or not, such a one waiting in Richmond, and that’s Cary Town—the trendy side of town where there’s a little more than meets the eye.

SPICE ROUTE.  Get inspired to experiment with new flavors with just a quick stroll through Penzeys Spices.  Merchandised by cuisine type, the displays are non-intimidating but exciting, and are complete with recipe cards.

VINTAGE.  If you are a fiend for trends of another era, you will love the array of consignment, thrift and vintage stores along the strip.  Bygones Vintage Clothing is truly an amazing experience.  From top to bottom, along with the 1900’s cash register it is enchanting.  Anthill Antiques is another great find—your eyes will not know what to focus on.  There is an array of decades to play with and each  store clearly defines which one they are in. 

“COUTURE”.  Heidi Story (also, find them on Facebook) has an air of Rodeo mixed with the umph of Chelsea.  Unique accessories and Canal Street knock-off purses all under $100—it’s a dream.   Heidi carries designs from NY and local designers.  She also teaches sewing for aspiring designers or anyone who wants to know more than button sewing.

WINE BREAK.  Along your shopping travels do like the Europeans and stop for a glass of wine at Secco.  The cool vibe with its bar-seating and leather sofas make it a perfect stop.  The menu is flavorful, I recommend the gorgonzola-stuffed, deep-fried olives along with their greens with citrus vinaigrette and pistachios.  The wine selection is diverse capturing an array of pleasantries for your taste buds and a number of pairings for their dishes.  Next door, is James River Cellars, Secco’s sister company which sells international and local wines, along with a to-die-for selection of international cheeses.  I highly recommend the three-year-aged Gouda and the Zamorano, made of sheep’s milk from Spain.

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