High Tech or No Tech?

high tech or no tech weddings

By now you’ve probably downloaded all the necessary apps that go along with planning your wedding, but have you given any thought to how technology will be applied on the day itself? Ultra techie couples are getting creative with ways for guests to be digitally interactive, and on the other end of the spectrum, some couples consider technology to take away from the simplicity and true meaning of the wedding going as far as asking guests to leave their phones at the entrance and collect them upon departure. Here are some tips for harmonizing the iPhone with the I do, whether you want your wedding day to be high tech or no tech.


High-Tech Tips

Wedding Hashtag

Anyone can create a hashtag about anything, so make sure that your wedding hashtag:

  • Isn’t already taken or isn’t something common that could get mixed with another couple’s wedding photos, especially if you have a common last name. Hint: #joneswedding is taken.
  • Is easy for guests to remember. Keep it as short and sweet as possible while staying original. Avoid: #ashleighandjacksengordonsperfectwedding2015omgyessss
  • Can be easily found. Don’t make guests learn by word of mouth what the hashtag is or else they may get it wrong or just create their own. Display it prominently in a fun but not obnoxious way.


Wedding Hashtag



This is a thoughtful way to ensure that faraway friends don’t miss out on the excitement, and with options like Facetime, Skype or Ustream, it’s easier than ever to make this happen. Just make sure you designate someone to be in charge of filming (ensuring they’re not in the photographer’s way), and have the necessary wifi information handy and tested so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute.


Charging Stations

Along with having the most commonly-used Smartphone chargers present, you’ll also need to think of a creative way to set up your charging station so that it’s not just a power strip with a bunch of cords tangled together. Adorn your station in a way that matches your theme, whether it’s rustic apothecary-style drawers or containers filled with plants to hide those unsightly wires. Make sure to display a sign designating the area.


Unplugged wedding stacked phones

No-Tech Tips

Unplugged wedding

When guests are buried into their phones, whether they’re sharing photos or playing Candy Crush Saga (Aunt Joyce, how could you?), it’s hard for them to truly be present in the moment. Besides, you paid good money for your photographer and aren’t relying on anyone else’s photos they snapped on their phones. While this logic is reasonable and understandable, prohibiting phones altogether could make guests feel like they’re being punished.

  • Consider only banning phones during the ceremony but not the reception.
  • If you decide to ban phones from the whole wedding, make sure guests will know in advance by posting your power down preferences on your wedding website.
  • Rather than confiscating guests’ phones upon entrance, a simple announcement from your officiant or in the wedding program will suffice. After all, you guests are not children and won’t appreciate being treated as such.
  • If you’re banning technology, don’t try to make up for it by placing disposable cameras on guests’ tables. It’s 2015. You’ll just look dated and/or cheap.


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