Hangry's Food Truck Sets Up Shop in Virginia Beach


Some food trucks in Coastal Virginia are shifting into permanent digs. One of the latest is Hangry’s, setting up shop in a sunny little spot in Thalia Bay Shoppes. Its toque-wearing calavera logo with knife and fork “crossbones” heralds a Mexican inclination, and its tacos and breakfast burritos curb your appetite, along with shredded pork panini, Cuban presses, grilled cheese sandwiches (some featuring shrimp, others mac-n-cheese with shredded pork) and Tex-Mex Caesar salads. Daily specials and an expanded menu feature fresh baked goods, too. But Hangry’s hasn’t lost its drive; the food truck still rolls.

4020 Bonney Road, Virginia Beach. 757-619-7277. HangrysVB.com

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