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A determination to do something to protect our children leaves us with an obvious choice - shoot back

Frustration is often borne from either the inability to solve a problem, or the knowledge that all efforts will be fruitless. The political and societal thicket that is the gun issue is a combination of both.

After Newtown, the recent oneword embodiment of this issue, proposals were brought forth, declarations were made, and good intentioned people pledged to “do something.” Therein lies the frustration. We can’t just bury the dead, say a prayer, shrug our shoulders, and hope the better part of civilization will prevail, can we? So, in answering that question, we build the legal version of a Hollywood Western set—seemingly real on the face of it, but hollowed and braced by but sticks in reality.

To prevent these tragedies, many on the left have proposed a number of initiatives that will supposedly make us safer. One is that we must remove “weapons of war” from the streets. Mention this phrase to those in our area who have actually been to war recently, and you’ll quickly be informed that the shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, etc., were not with weapons of war.

The next salve is to limit magazine size. New York’s state legislature has curtailed its generosity to allowing only seven cartridges in a magazine (an NYC detective, a good friend of mine, says this proposal will do nothing to make his job easier or to affect gun violence in the city). When you look at the Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooting, where the shooter had a 100-round drum magazine, it would make sense that the smaller the magazine capacity, the harder it would be to kill a large amount of people in a short amount of time. But with even a modicum of determined practice one can change magazines or clips in about two seconds. If you’re the only one doing the shooting, and you’re laden with clips, your efforts will unfortunately not be hampered.

Which brings us back to the determination to “do something.” With the realization that weapons which can be legally purchased can bring and have brought carnage, that evil exists and will find a way to express itself despite our best efforts, and that the Second Amendment isn’t going anywhere, we find ourselves staring at an obvious choice: shoot back.

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