Greatest Oyster Contest

Residents of the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula and Tangier are eligible to enter the Greatest Oyster Contest. Bring the largest live native oyster (Crassostrea Virginica) you can find to Lancaster By the Bay Chamber of Commerce in Kilmarnock by Nov. 15. They don’t care if you dredged, tonged, dived for it, grew it yourself or happened to see it on the end of a dock.

Prizes will be awarded in two categories—Commercial Watermen ($500) and Residents ($100 and a stay at the Tides Inn). Winners will be based on the length of oyster in inches. The oyster entry will be measured, registered and verified at the time of drop off.

The largest oyster found in the U.S. was located in California and measured 13 inches. Historical records indicate that the native Chesapeake Bay oyster has also been that large, but it has been a long time since anyone has seen a native oyster that size around these rivers. Consider yourself challenged.

For full contest rules or more information visit or call 804-436-6962.

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