Get A Thicker Skin

Look Fresher, Younger and Brighter

Whether you’re in your 30s or your 80s or somewhere in between, you want to put your best face forward. With Fractional CO2 Laser treatment, you can look fresher and healthier—without surgery.

The nonsurgical Fractional CO2 Laser stimulates your skin to produce more collagen—what your body did on its own in your younger days, says Dr. Ben Hugo of Hugo Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach. The result: that thicker skin your mom told you to grow. Your improved skin (with more collagen) not only looks healthier, it is healthier, Hugo says.

This treatment is effective for fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and other brown spots, large pores and texture, he says. The laser can improve the appearance of acne scars 10 percent to 20 percent, Hugo says.

“Some people in their 40s start thinking about what they can do to maintain their skin, maintain their collagen and tighten it—this laser is great for that,” Hugo says. “Together with a good skin care program and sun screen, this helps promote healthy skin. The trend is to non-surgically maintain skin and prevent aging rather than to treat aging later. That is a healthy trend.”

You can get treatment for your entire face, neck and décolletage to get a smooth transition from face to chest and an overall brighter, younger appearance, he says. The cost is about $3,000, he says. Hugo also treats hands and forearms, for about $700.

The procedure takes about 90 minutes. You’ll have a sedative, pain pills and will need someone to drive you home, Hugo says. Plan for about six to seven days of your skin flaking and up to four weeks of pinkish skin you can camouflage with makeup, Hugo says. For several months, you’ll need to apply sunscreen every four hours, he says.

If you’re planning on getting treated for a big event, make an appointment about a month in advance, he says.

“Patients very often tell me they feel they look five to 10 years younger,” Hugo says. “They look like themselves—just so much fresher, so much healthier. They get so many compliments on their skin.”

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