Gadget: The French Gachette

A well-stocked kitchen requires more than a stove and a refrigerator; it requires gadgets. We love gadgets of all shapes and sizes.

Recently we asked Deon Foster, proprietor of Kitchen Koop in Portsmouth, to pick a favorite of hers—the French Gachette—and tell us about it in her own words:

“When I was a young girl helping my grandmother, Ma, in the kitchen, she would say, ‘Hand me that ratchet, child; it’s gonna help grind the spices.’ Any tool that got the job done she would call a ratchet.

This particular ratchet is the perfect gizmo to use when you need to grind herbs, spices, nuts, coffee or coarse salt. You can set the grind from fine to coarse and it will deliver. Don’t ever grind when the mill is empty because this can damage the ceramic mechanism.

Oftentimes, we only need a tablespoon or less of any spice. This gadget/ratchet is smartly designed and takes up little space, unlike a mortar and pestle.”

Kitchen Koop is at 638 High St., Portsmouth. Call 399-4475 for more information.

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