Full Belly Delights’ Gourmet Bacon Treats

We’re not exactly sure how chocolate and bacon first became an item. Maybe it was a case of, “Hey, you put your bacon in my chocolate!” “You got chocolate on my bacon!” Perhaps we’ll never know the origin, but one thing that is for certain is that it’s a stellar combination.

Local resident Janay Brown thinks so too, which is why she paired the two together to create chocolate-covered bacon strips for a business management class project during her senior year in high school. “I’m a foodie; I’ve always loved food, and I figured, America’s favorite food is bacon, so why not do something with that?” she shares. Her class project resulted in over 100 orders within a month. “At that point I knew I had something special,” she says. “And it kind of just ran from there.”

Full Belly Delights Janay Brown of Full Belly Delights

In 2015, as a student at ODU, she started the business Full Belly Delights, a gourmet bacon haven, offering chocolate bacon truffles in fun flavors like Ore-Whoa, Give Me S’more, Choconut, Berry Delightful, Salted Caramel, Drizzle Drop, Celebration, Coconut Crave and many more. Their confections can now be ordered with pork or turkey bacon, each covered, dipped, drizzled and adorned in its own delicious way.

Order online or find out which local stores carry these crave-worthy confections at FullBellyDelights.com.

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