Free to Be Green Juice Recipe from Free Range Juice

This recipe is a veggie-forward juice from Free Range Juice loaded with fruits and veggies like Vitamin K-packed cucumbers, green apple (Vitamin C and potassium) and super-packed kale with Vitamins K, A, C, Manganese and copper. The health benefits associated with these ingredients may improve digestion, detoxify, promote healthy skin, reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

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Kiaco Brandingphotographer 67Makes approximately 12 ounces


2 ½ cups chopped kale

⅔ of a cucumber

⅔ of a medium apple

1 ⅓ medium celery stalks
¼ medium lemon

4 slices (1-inch diameter) of fresh ginger

Wash all produce. Cut lemon into quarters and peel. Juice. No juicer? Make in your blender by adding some water and straining the mixture with a cheesecloth.

Want to jazz up your juice? Add horseradish to make this into a night-shade free Bloody Mary mix. Add jalapeno or cayenne for some spice.

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