Engagement Shoot at Windsor Castle Park

We love the photos from this engagement shoot at Smithfield's Windsor Castle Park by T.Y. Photography. Everything from the red barn to the hay bales speak of a rustic romance. Jake Bawab and Chelsea Sherman are planning an October wedding at Meadowbrook Farm Bed & Breakfast. Chelsea’s daughter, Emma, will be the flower girl. 



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Windsor Castle Park

Hampton Roads Engagement Groom




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Here is their story. 

Jake and I met in college while we were both serving tables at a restaurant. Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t love at first sight. He was hopelessly goofy and I was a single mom trying to get my degree, raise my daughter and work enough to support her. I wasn’t looking for a relationship—or even a date for that matter. But Jake was persistent. For some reason, he saw beyond the waitress apron to the potential for something more, and he was relentless in convincing me to go out with him. Our first date was the result of me conceding to his request, just to get him to stop chasing me around the restaurant during my shift. But I remained skeptical. This was not a time in my life that I felt I would be able to devote any kind of attention to a relationship. 

Jake And Chelsea  Farm Threshold  Rustic Wedding

Time and again, Jake proved me wrong. When he asked my permission to kiss me for the first time. When he changed my one-year-old’s dirty diaper for me (when I’m pretty sure he’d never done that before in his life). When fight after fight and struggle after struggle he chased after me, refusing to let the differences we so obviously had ruin what he knew was the real thing. He proved me wrong in the most important ways a stubborn, independent, jaded girl can be proved wrong. With gentleness, patience and the most loyal, forgiving heart I have ever known, he won my heart.

Family  Playing At Windsor Castle Park  The Happy Couple

Over the years, our relationship has not only grown and changed, but flourished. We have learned to trust God to see us through every struggle we face, and my daughter has shown us that unconditional, relentless love is more powerful a force than any obstacle we might encounter. Jake has embraced his role as the man in my daughter’s life with more enthusiasm than many fathers do for their own biological children. We have truly become a family, blessed by our heavenly Father, and we are elated about really beginning our lives together in this next step of our journey.

Happy Engaged!  Meadowbrook Farm Bed & Breakfast
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